Mass Schedule Survey

Submitted by smithec on Fri, 05/10/2019 - 14:44

Survey: We Need Your Feedback on Mass Schedule

Parishioners at the five parishes in the Butler Area Catholic Parishes grouping are invited to participate in a survey pertaining to the On Mission Mass changes, now that we have had six months to experience the schedule. 

From May 12-25, the survey will be available online, which is the preferred method of participation because it reduces the amount of data entry necessary if the survey is filled out on paper. The link is:

Paper surveys also will be available in our churches and parish offices from May 12-25.

This survey is conducted by the Diocese of Pittsburgh through Parish Services, which compiles the information and then sends the results to the parish grouping for review.

Please keep in mind that we anticipate even fewer Masses in the future, given the imminent priest shortage, and that we expect to have fewer priests serving the Butler community within the next few years.

Please contact Cindy Micco, Director of Communications, at 724-482-2690 ext. 225 with any questions pertaining to the survey.

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